About us

Our team is drawn from both the public and commercial sectors, bringing considerable experience of working with different types of healthcare organisations at both the operational management and strategic leadership level.

Based on over 15 years experience, our whole approach is based on a number of core beliefs:

  • All organisations are different and therefore need bespoke programmes of development that focus on their immediate situation, opportunities and constraints and help to expand their thinking about future goals and ways of achieving them.
  • The best way of supporting and developing people, teams and organisations is to work with them not on them.
  • Organisations need support to get the right balance between the future performance of the organisation (forward thinking and strategic development) with here and now requirement of delivery (effective operational management).
  • People learn best from experience and where there is an element of fun built into the learning process.

We base all of our work on analysis tools which allow us to gather information and evidence to share with our client when we co-design the intervention.  In this way we tackle the real, and sometimes difficult, issues and needs of the organisation, teams and individuals.

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