Get motivated!

Getting and staying motivated and positive needs our regular attention and energy. Investing in our own resilience, and helping others to foster theirs, is well worth the rewards. Here are a few tips and questions to help you to keep motivated:

  • Clear purpose: what is REALLY important to you? How can you focus more time and attention on what you see as your purpose? Having a clear purpose offers direction and something to aim for.
  • Emotional control: seek to understand those situations and people that may trigger an over-reaction or negative emotion. Seek out ways to respond differently and to resist getting hooked into that negative cycle. Remember – only YOU have the power to control your thoughts and feelings.
  • Self belief: remind yourself that you are unique and important. Believe in yourself, celebrate what you are good at and identify what others value in you.
  • Optimise your strengths: keep focusing on what motivates and energises you. Find ways to use your strengths more and in different situations.
  • Build your support network: we all need people who care for us and help us to take a different perspective on some issues.

Don’t stand still – keep reviewing where you are and what you are doing. And smile every day – it makes a real difference to how we feel and to the way others respond to us.

All these can help you be strong and flexible. Where can you start for yourself?

What can you do for people you work alongside? After reading this, why not aim to do one thing for yourself and one thing for some-one else before the end of this week. Then do something again next week – habits are only developed by practising the behaviours.