What is Mentoring, Coaching and Moaching?

Ian Munro, our Non-Executive Director shares an overview on the differences between Mentoring, Coaching and Moaching.  In our experience organisations often confuse mentoring with coaching and vice versus. Here is a quick outline of the differences.



Mentoring is often provided by a more senior person from within the organisation. They bring a depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise of the organisation.

  • The mentor often comes from a related part of the organisation but often not from within the same unit. This means they may have a different view on an issue than your team.
  • Mentoring relationships tend to be for a longer period than coaching. The benefit is that a stronger relationship can be developed.
  • Time pressures on the Mentor can lead to shallow discussions and contributions.
  • The Mentor may not have been trained as a mentor, nor had continual professional development.



Coaches tend to be external consultants and therefore are totally independent from the sponsoring organisation – unless employed as internal coaches.

  • Coaches will work with you to help you create the solutions to your challenges.
  • Coaching programmes are goal focused for the coaching period with three-way assessments and at the beginning and end with the sponsor.
  • Coaching programmes can last from three months to over twelve months – with defined goals.
  • If an external coaches, they will not be over familiar with the organisations culture


How do you know if you need a Mentor or a Coach?        

  • Are your objectives/goals short term 6-9 months or 12-18 months?
  • Will the results need to be delivered in a tight time window in which case coaching may be the best option for you?


So, what on Earth is Moaching?

  • Moaching works as a blend of mentoring and coaching particularly when you are time pressed and need to see some options in the short term. Coaches Moach but mentors do not.
  • You will be able to fast track three to four options to your challenge if your coach operates as a Moach.
  • It is only a short-term measure to help you resolve a short-term issue by the coach pointing you at two or three solutions.
  • Do not use it too often. For coaching to be beneficial you have to be prepared to allocate adequate time before and after each session.


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