Case Study - Ashton Leigh and Wigan Community Healthcare

Supporting the formation and development of a new provider organisation as it moves toward Foundation Trust status.

What was the issue?

Ashton Leigh and Wigan PCT developed an arms length provider organisation in anticipation of the commissioner provider split which took effect in April 2008

The formation of Ashton Leigh and Wigan Community Healthcare (ALWCH) as one of the National Pilot Sites has meant the organisation has faced a range of challenges, previously not experienced by any other healthcare organisation.

Structural and cultural changes have presented the organisation with a range of issues which has put them at the forefront of development in setting up and running an effective provider service.

What did Healthskills do?

Support for the organisation has been provided on several fronts

Board Development – enabling the board to operate as a team and developing a close understanding of diversity within the team and how that understanding can strengthen the team.

Senior Management Team – An ongoing programme designed to provide the SMT with a strong foundation of skills and understanding from a team and a leadership perspective

Operational Management – A long term programme for the Care Group Managers built around the principles of leadership and skilled based personal development.

Wider Team Development - Other teams within the organisation such as HR, training and development have also undergone team development days with the aim of establishing alignment with the wider organisational values.

What is different as a result?

ALWCH continues to move toward Foundation Trust status and most of the established work streams will be continued for the rest of 2009. The main focus currently being, to ensure through a range of support mechanisms that the Board is fit for purpose and will achieve Foundation Community Trust Status when the correct time arrives.

What our client said

“We are going through three parallel processes: building up a new organisation, transforming our services and preparing for Monitor assessment.

We believe that we can only succeed if we work effectively as a team which has a shared vision and values, a sense of true corporacy  and the energy and enthusiasm to keep going when it gets tough.

Healthskills quickly understood our requirements and they are tailoring their support to meet our specific circumstances. They bring a pragmatic blend of theory and practice which is helping us at several levels.

We are changing our culture by embedding business processes and rigour in what must remain a caring organisation. We are also building a new Board which takes its accountability very seriously”

Kate Fallon – Managing Director – Ashton Leigh and Wigan Community Healthcare

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