Case Study - Berkshire East PCT ‘Developing Leaders as Coaches’ Programme

A ten-month programme for twenty-five senior managers in a PCT to develop improved leadership behaviours and in particular, coaching competencies during 2008.

What was the issue?

As a result of an earlier learning organisation programme within the PCT, there was a need to ensure that an embedded approach to leadership and coaching was sustained throughout the PCT.  The primary tool was chosen to be via coaching for its proven success in unlocking potential and maintaining momentum, against a backdrop of improving competencies for world-class commissioning.

Traditionally, managers have often been quite ‘tell’ in their approach. But far from releasing potential this often leaves individuals feeling disenchanted or disengaged. And rather than giving them scope to explore within a role, a manager can leave team members stifled and undeveloped; low on fulfilment, and lower still on commitment.

Embedding a coaching culture within an organisation releases the full value of individuals and builds the momentum necessary for teams to achieve consistent and outstanding results.

Recent research by the CIPD suggests that 99% of managers believe in coaching as a tool for organisational and personal improvement and would like to develop a coaching culture in their organisation.

What did Healthskills do?

Healthskills designed and delivered a programme which incorporated the following elements:

  • A two-day experiential leadership workshop focusing on practical application of five core leadership behaviours in the workplace
  • 360º leadership feedback
  • One to one coaching and personal development planning meetings for all participants
  • An intensive two-day performance coaching workshop involving coaching frameworks, techniques, frequent practical application and reflection
  • A series of action learning sets to reflect on coaching issues experienced with clients and developing new strategies
What is different as a result?

Over the course of the programme, the participants coached 43 different individuals and delivered over one hundred coaching sessions.

Measuring ‘soft’ initiatives is not always straightforward, but qualitative feedback from participants indicates that the programme has been a resounding success with all reporting that they had incorporated extensive coaching approaches into their leadership style.

The cohort have now embarked on a programme of initiatives taking place throughout 2009 and which will embed a coaching culture more extensively in the PCT through clear linkage to the business strategy and promoting the availability of ‘coaching champions’ for development and performance.

What our clients said

"I really enjoyed the course as it gave me an insight into an area I have never explored in depth – although I had a few reservations to start off with, I found that half way through I began to feel proud … to be a Coaching Champion. To be able to have the opportunity to share the skills and model the way for other staff is job satisfaction in itself"

"It was a hugely enjoyable course and I have benefited by being coached by one of my coaching colleagues – in a crisis, she was brilliant, so I know how wonderful it can be. I found the delivery of the sessions suited my style of learning and were very effective."

"Had great satisfaction when coaching – love the light bulb moment when an individual realises that most of their struggle is around perceptions and that these can be changed just by reviewing their mind set"

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