Case Study – Clinical Leadership Programme

NHS Tower Hamlets - Stepney and Whitechapel Network

What was the issue?

The diverse population which exists in Tower Hamlets presents significant challenges to the provision of healthcare throughout the Borough. This led the PCT to abandon a one size fits all approach and develop a series of practice networks or clusters which could determine the health needs for their locality and plan provision accordingly. To be effective in this radical re-design of services it was clear they were going to need an effective level of clinical leadership.

What Healthskills is doing

Healthskills have been commissioned to design and deliver a bespoke programme over a 12 month programme aimed specifically at GPs, Nurse practitioners and Practice Managers .This programme is being run initially in the Stepney and Whitechapel network and is now in its second trimester.

8 Leadership Insight days combine  half day workshops with action learning where participants explore practical leadership skills around change management, commercial acumen, business management, team development and start to understand the more fundamental leadership behaviours built on values and beliefs.

Each Trimester is concluded with a leadership challenge where delegates are put into a real time leadership situation, giving them the chance to put into practice some of the skills they have learnt.

Running through the programme is an outcome based project built around COPD which will be delivered at the conclusion of the programme. This is designed to develop understanding and expertise around commissioning and provision of services and all that embraces.

What is different as a result?

The programme is still in its early stages. The projects are well under way and the practices within the network are beginning to work together in a more co-ordinated and focused way. This has big implications for the future, in the context of GP consortia and commissioning where high quality clinical leadership will be essential.

What our client said

“Bringing Healthskills in, has brought clinicians closer because they are looking in detail at management issues which is perhaps  easier to do as a group under a training setup, rather than just myself actually managing the team.

By having some designated time when we can actually look at how we work together as a team and look at the way people work as a team actually creates a good training environment and a good way to develop early leadership skills.

Caroline Gillett
Manager, Stepney and Whitechapel Network

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