Case Study - Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust

The Trust Medical Director invited Healthskills to engage in some developmental work with the care of the elderly team.

What was the issue?

The Trust asked Healthskills to assist them in working with and developing the Department of Elderly Care team.  The specific objectives were:

  • To work with the Department of Elderly Care at Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford to improve team working and enable the department to take a full role in achieving the challenging objectives that the Trust faces in the next two years
  • To help any of the department's members address problems with their performance as individuals and as part of the team
  • To develop team engagement
  • To strengthen team dynamics
  • To ensure team support networks are consistent and strong
  • To facilitate positive team results.
What did Healthskills do?

The core elements of the programme have involved:

  • Diagnosis and assessment of the team to understand the full team “picture”.
  • The first substantive team development session involved creating a sense of where the team was going as a business unit.  This allowed the team to really own a shared sense of direction including how they would measure their own success in the future.
  • Throughout the workshop programme, the team took part in various interactive events to progress their development such as “Personal histories” to get to know each other better and expose some vulnerability, agreements on how the team would manage conflict and poor behaviour, the identification of a short term thematic goal of improving communication within the team and team member pledges to work on identified self development areas with peer to peer review.
  • To support the team development activities, personal high impact one to one coaching was offered to 5 members of the team to facilitate further insight and development.
What is different as a result?

As a result of the programme, the team became more cohesive, communication improved and a shared sense of direction was developed.

Team performance has improved and individuals have been equipped to hold each other to account to ensure continuing improved performance.

Team leadership has been strengthened and areas of dysfunctionality scrutinised and dealt with.

What our client said

"We knew the team faced some challenges. The Healthskills team development programme enabled us to face those challenges head on resulting in a renewed and clear sense of direction, cohesion and a new found organisational energy. The sessions were very well facilitated and some excellent progress has been made."

Dr S M Hussein
Consultant Physician in General & Elderly Medicine, Lead Stroke Physician, Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust

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