Case Study - Lincolnshire PCT Prescribing & Medicines Management Team

A long-term team development programme across a county-wide PCT to merge three medicines management teams from separate PCTs into one coherent, effective organisation.

What was the issue?

The team initially functioned as a loose federation in three geographically separate localities, with all the problems that this presents around effective communication, problem-solving and decision-making.

SHA-driven reorganisations effected the merger of three PCTs into one, with a consequent amalgamation and restructuring of the medicines management teams.  This took place in parallel with significant changes in the pharmacist role, leading to an initial lack of clarity and organisational function.

What did Healthskills do?

At the start of the programme, Healthskills delivered a broad range of support across a wide range of issues including managing meetings, communication skills, using business models, time management and assertive negotiation skills.

As the team started to develop, the focus of the interventions was more orientated towards team development, focusing on addressing ‘The Five Dysfunctions of Teams’ (Lencioni), individual profiling and applying improved team behaviours to specific workplace issues.

What is different as a result and what did the client say?

“The most significant intervention made by Healthskills was during the recent NHS reconfiguration. They helped us to build a county-wide team from three separate PCT teams. They did this specifically through team building events, including individual team member profiling.  Healthskills also facilitated two sessions which enabled us to develop a Prescribing and Medicines Management Strategy that genuinely incorporated ideas and contributions from across the team.

The P&MM strategy has been completed and implemented. As a result of this, all members of the team have seen a reorganisation of their workload and a broadening of their responsibilities to include a wide range of additional services. This has led to heightened job satisfaction and a more efficient and wider ranging service.

Healthskills helped us with team building. Specifically, they enabled us to see our strengths and build on our weaknesses. We are a stronger team, because of Healthskills’ involvement. The facilitation of our strategy development sessions was also crucial. It enabled the whole team to communicate without senior management becoming too controlling or didactic.”

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