Case Study - South East Coast Ambulance Service

Organisational and Board Development to support Foundation Trust application

What was the issue?

South East Coast Ambulance NHS Trust had made a strategic decision to become a Foundation Trust.  The Trust has a forward thinking approach – it has a vision of being the mobile health service providing more than emergency response services – and sees Foundation Trust status as a vehicle that provides autonomy and potential financial resources to innovate.

In addition to developing a clear business strategy and supporting integrated business plan, creating  appropriate assurance  processes and fulfilling all the transactional requirements of Monitor, the Trust recognised that it needed support to deliver a full OD plan including board development.

What Healthskills is doing

Healthskills is supporting the Trust with a number of integrated initiatives:

  • Strategic Planning –through a series of facilitated workshops with the board and the assistant directors, Healthskills has enabled the trust to develop a sophisticated long term strategy and related integrated business plan.   Through an organisational coaching approach, Healthskills has developed a trusted relationship with the top team that enables challenge and review.
  • Board development – Healthskills comprehensive and up to date Board Competency model was initially developed for SECAMB.  This model has been used as the basis for some key discussions about Board behaviour – moving from compliance to performance.  The model was also used to enable all Board members to undertake a 3600 feedback exercise that would feed into individual and team development plans.  Specific Board preparation work is being undertaken with the Board to prepare for SHA and Monitor Board to Board meetings.
  • Leadership development – Healthskills is also working with the team of Assistant Directors to ensure depth to the strategic leadership of the organisation.  We have worked with the team to develop individual and team competence. This work aligns clearly with the Board development programme and at points the teams are brought together to challenge and build the organisation’s approach.
What is different as a result?

Through Healthskills interventions, the Trust now has:

  • A comprehensive development plan to take the trust to foundation status
  • An integrated business plan
  • A Board development plan
  • Individual assessments for each Board member forming the foundation of personal development plan
  • A clear market strategy with strategic  control points identified
  • Aligned leadership programmes for Board, Executive Team and Assistant directors
What our client said

"The Healthskills team have brought fresh thinking and challenge to the Board, supporting our development journey to Foundation Trust. The team bring a level of specialist understanding of NHS ‘front-line’ issues that is refreshing. This is balanced with a solid business knowledge base that builds credibility with the Non Executive Directors. I value the responsiveness of the team, all of whom want to listen and understand our unique issues, working with us to create a solution that meets our specific needs. What is really great is that they always build in fun as well as hard work!"

Geraint Davies
Director of Corporate Affairs & Service Development, South East Coast Ambulance Service

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