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Congratulations to Alwen Williams

Healthskills is delighted to offer our congratulations and warm wishes to Alwen Williams, Chief Executive at Barts Health NHS Trust who became a Dame in the New Year Honours List 2021, honouring her 40 years of service to the NHS. Healthskills worked extensively with Dame Alwen and her team prior to her appointment at Barts, supporting the development of outstanding leadership in Tower Hamlets.

Supporting you and your staff right now

Healthskills has been supporting you and your teams for many years now, and in these incredibly challenging and difficult times when everyone is anxious and time-strapped, it is even more critical to treat each other with compassion and kindness. Here in a few words, is how Healthskills can help you, your teams and your staff right now:

  • First, an obvious point to say, that we have waived cancellation charges for any scheduled Healthskills interventions that have had to be postponed during this crisis;
  • If you or your team need a 30-minute coaching conversation to provide practical support about how to manage your resilience, your teams, or simply some headspace to think during this crisis, then please let me know.  You can contact me on 07771 655382 or .  These sessions will be free of charge, and my Healthskills colleagues and I have all committed to provide at least one day a week for this, for however long is necessary;
  • Facilitated ‘Team Check-ins’ for leadership teams can be incredibly powerful when you are under such pressure currently. These can be virtual, for up to 8 people, and can provide thinking space to focus on what’s working, what could be better and provide a solutions focus for ways forward;
  • One-to-one coaching sessions for up to 90 minutes on Skype, Zoom or MS Teams (for example) are formidable vehicles for personal reflection on behaviours and actions during change, and the Healthskills Coaching team is on standby to support you;
  • We have cancelled all face to face workshops until further notice and are able to provide alternative online / virtual solutions to support you immediately.  An example is our 90 minute Personal Resilience workshop for up to 8 participants online, where you can understand what resilience is, how to become more personally resilient and how to support colleagues to be more resilient;
  • All of the comprehensive Healthskills suite of workshops, action learning set meetings, staff engagement sessions and diagnostic tools are available virtually so that despite the enormous pressures on your staff currently, where development and support is critical, we can offer a range of solutions;

Finally, if you don’t see the learning, training or development answer to your issues above, then please get in touch with me.  Each client has unique challenges as a result of this crisis and we are working with you all to find different virtual ways to support you.

With best wishes to stay well and positive


Mark Greenfield
Managing Director, Healthskills

Ernest, Consultant Surgeon

I undertook a course of individual coaching with Jane over a six-month period. We worked on particular aspects of my communication style. The coaching quickly produced marked improvements that were recognised by those I interact with. Jane uses her considerable expertise to get right to the very heart of an issue, identify the small practical changes that will have a big impact and ensure you make them. Jane demonstrates her integrity at all stages of the coaching process and is completely trustworthy. I wholeheartedly recommend Jane as a development coach.

Louise, Director of Communications

As a relatively new entrant to the NHS, I was keen to explore coaching as a way of helping navigate the healthcare leadership landscape. I undertook a year long programme of one-to-one executive coaching with Mark as part of the Healthskills contract with my NHS employer, and alongside my studies on the NHS Leadership Academy Nye Bevan programme.

I found being coached was revelatory. A good coach enables and empowers you to ask the hard questions of yourself, as well as explore possible answers. I found Mark to be very skilled at drawing out the areas where I needed to focus my time and energy in terms of self-reflection and then decision making. It helps if you approach coaching as a proactive and purposeful set of actions and interventions that you invest in – directionless navel gazing it isn’t! My sessions supported me in identifying areas for development and improvement, as well as helping me do the deeper thinking about my longer-term career goals, based on where I really felt I could make a positive difference within the NHS.

I also found the coaching support to be a complementary (and necessary) activity alongside my further leadership studies at the NHS Leadership Academy, helping me to deepen my learning and insights based on a more accurate understanding of myself and how I worked with and impacted others.

I would recommend a programme of coaching to any aspiring healthcare leader – it is a valuable investment both for you and your employer, as well as being highly enjoyable to boot, given Mark’s intuitive and personable approach.