Christmas Reflections

After such a challenging and difficult year for many, Healthskills would like to wish all our clients, programme participants and… Read more »

Teams in Transition?

One of the real pleasures of my work as a team coach and facilitator has been supporting teams to get… Read more »

Always take the weather with you

It’s the morning after the night before.  England have lost on penalties in the final of the Euro 2020 football… Read more »

Languishing or Flourishing – Blah Blah Blah

How often – in response to the question “how are you?” – have you used the phrase “not too bad”?… Read more »

Not All Heroes Wear White Coats

Recently I have had the privilege of closing a Leadership Programme with a group of Senior Leaders at NHS Cheshire… Read more »

Career Development in Turbulent Times

Recently I was the guest speaker at a webinar which was addressing the topic “Career Development in Turbulent Times”. It… Read more »

National Day of Reflection

Today marks a milestone for all of us – a year to the day when we entered a national lockdown… Read more »

2021 – A Year of Love and Kindness

Well, it’s been a year to remember. Back in March 2020 when we got the message that we were all… Read more »

Christmas Reflections from Healthskills

After this extraordinary year, Healthskills wish all our clients, programme participants and leaders everywhere a happy and safe Christmas, however… Read more »

Managing Resilience and Overcoming Adversity – A Lived Experience

Adversity. What do I know about adversity? If I contemplate the Cambridge Dictionary definition; a difficult or unpleasant situation then… Read more »

The myth of the well-rounded leader

It’s performance appraisal time already for one of my clients. Managers are busy assigning individual ratings and reflecting on how… Read more »

Creating a picture during uncertainty

One thing we can guarantee in life is change. Even if we chose to control our lives to minimise change, we… Read more »

A funny thing happened to me on the way through the Covid crisis…

I write this newsletter in a very different environment to the last one I penned… this morning I’m at my… Read more »

The Psychology of Human Attention and Engagement

Digital Platforms and The Changing World of Work In 2020 On the last flight out of Goa to Manchester the… Read more »

I’m in with the In-Crowd

I notice regularly in my work doing coaching, working with Governing Bodies or helping teams, how the organisation I am… Read more »

Surviving working from home

Surviving working from home Adapting can sometimes be a challenge! How times change and how fast! This time a few… Read more »


The recent tragic death of Caroline Flack inspired a significant increase in the hashtag #BeKind, no doubt motivated by her… Read more »

How to show authenticity and courage in leadership

When we think of the qualities that make a good leader, authenticity and courage might be top of the list.… Read more »

Look after yourself

As winter draws in and the daylight hours get shorter there is a tendency to hunker down and hibernate a… Read more »

The Quarterly Action Plan

In this issue I would like to introduce you to an incredibly simple goal achievement tool that has had great… Read more »

Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week

One of the biggest challenges I hear from people is the lack of time they have to get things done. … Read more »

Collaboration or Conflict?

Working with health and care organisations across the country, over the last couple of years my Healthskills colleagues and I… Read more »

Millenials and Leadership

We all know that the Millennial generation (also known as Generation Y) covers those born between 1981 and 1995. Those… Read more »

How do you lead a Primary Care Network?

On 1st July, almost 1,300 Primary Care Networks (PCNs) become live across England, each with a newly-appointed Clinical Director (CD)… Read more »

Accepting What is

As leaders in a rapidly shifting environment, understanding change and supporting others through change is often a huge part of… Read more »

Get motivated!

Getting and staying motivated and positive needs our regular attention and energy. Investing in our own resilience, and helping others… Read more »

Resilience in difficult times

Austerity, uncertainty and other pressures can drain energy and sap our resilience. And yet we know that energy and resilience… Read more »

Listening: How often do we truly listen?

In an environment where our senses are constantly stimulated I am faced with the realisation that we may be losing… Read more »

Top 10 tips for creating a career strategy/plan

Many of us are so caught up with our day to day work that we rarely get a chance to… Read more »

Development Required: What Lies Beneath?

Many Competency or Leadership frameworks give us a list of behaviours which are considered to be the examples of how… Read more »

Relationships, Networks and Multi-disciplinary Working

Some of you may have read through the recently published NHS Long-Term Plan and considered what this means for you,… Read more »

A Change is Gonna Come

It’s a couple of months now since the NHS Long-Term Plan was published. I am sure that I wasn’t the… Read more »

Coaching teams

In this article Mark Greenfield, our MD, outlines some methods and benefits of using coaching as part of your leadership… Read more »

How to choose a coach for your organisation

In this article Mike Nelson, one of our partners,  shares his views on how to find the right coach or… Read more »

What is Coaching Supervision and why is it important?

As someone who is buying coaching services for yourself or your business, Dawn Scott explains, in this extract from our… Read more »

Why develop a relationship with your Coaching Provider

Potential clients often ask coaching providers how will coaching will benefit their business. In this article Dawn Scott, one of… Read more »

Bringing authenticity to your management style – Part 2

In the 2nd part of this article Melanie Warner, brings more depth on how to build trust and take a step… Read more »

Keeping your coaching on track

There are many coaching conversations and programmes which can literally drift along, with little attention paid to the progress of… Read more »

Types and styles of coaching

What do we mean by coaching?   Broadly speaking we are looking at different styles of coaching – executive and management… Read more »

Bringing authenticity to your management style – Part 1

In this 2-part article Melanie Warner, one of our Partners, explains how to bring authenticity to your management style. As… Read more »

Tips for Effective Chemistry Meetings

In this article, Bob Baker – one of our Partners talks about chemistry in a coaching context, explaining why you… Read more »

How to get the most out of coaching

Vicky Glanville, one of our business coaches shares with you her tips for getting the most out of your coaching.… Read more »

What is Mentoring, Coaching and Moaching?

Ian Munro, our Non-Executive Director shares an overview on the differences between Mentoring, Coaching and Moaching.  In our experience organisations… Read more »

Is it my endocannabinoids or do I just feel good?

About 12 months ago, I sat in a pub with a couple of friends and amongst other ramblings someone tabled… Read more »

Life Lessons from a Tough Mudder Novice

Last weekend I completed my first Tough Mudder, a birthday present from my sons – an hour and a half… Read more »

The Perennial and Persistent Challenges of Leadership

On my travels and the variety of work I do over time, last week was particularly interesting in that I… Read more »

The impact of our unconscious bias on diversity

Recently I’ve been really fortunate to work with a wide range of different health, social and voluntary care professionals exploring… Read more »

Encouraging the Heart – NHS 70 Years On

The Appointed Day – 5th July 1948 was the day that the NHS came into existence.  What an incredible leap of… Read more »

Lost in Translation

It’s everywhere isn’t it!? The conundrum that is funding the NHS I mean. The announcement a few days ago by… Read more »

Top 10 tips for creating a career strategy/plan

Many of us are so caught up with our day to day work that we rarely get a chance to… Read more »

Balancing Competing Priorities

An ongoing dilemma for Boards and Senior Management teams is the balancing of competing priorities.  Every day health care providers… Read more »

Pol Pot in Our Midst?

I don’t get to write these articles very often in these days of retirement, so when I do , its… Read more »

Deeds Not Words

Healthskills Leadership Academy e-letter #114 Deeds Not Words The celebrations last week marking the centenary of one of the greatest… Read more »