About us

‘It all starts with Why’

Simon Sinek 

Healthskills has been developing outstanding leadership in the private, public and voluntary sectors since 1997.  We work in partnership with our clients to enable individuals and teams to develop their leadership behaviours, transforming culture and improving performance.

We believe that:

  • All organisations are different and therefore need bespoke programmes of development that focus on their immediate situation, opportunities and constraints and help to expand their thinking about future goals and ways of achieving them.
  • The best way of supporting and developing people, teams and organisations is to listen and work with them, not on them.
  • Organisations need support to get the right balance between the future performance of the organisation (forward thinking and strategic development) with here and now requirement of delivery (effective operational management).
  • People learn best from experience and where there is reflection and fun built into the learning process!

At Healthskills, we understand leaders and leadership, and our team of inspirational coaches and facilitators live our values internally and externally, so that all of our clients, partners and colleagues feel empowered, motivated and valued.

Our Vision

To make a difference to our clients in their growth and success to transform/impact their organisational health, performance and effectiveness.

Our Mission

We are inspirational coaches and facilitators who work with organisations who seek change, sustainability and growth. We deliver leadership and development programmes to transform, build confidence, deepen capability and improve performance.

Our Values

  • Collaborative – we work with our clients to create pragmatic, quality solutions for developing their organisational health
  • Challenging – we will constructively challenge you and your teams to help you reach your potential and perform effectively
  • Compassionate – we develop strong trusting relationships to help individuals develop self esteem, inner confidence and motivation
  • Curious – we are professionally curious and respect diversity and different views of our team, clients and partners