How we work with you

How we work with you

Our approach to our work starts with you, our client.

We always work in collaboration with you and at our initial meeting we will plan a process of diagnosis and gathering of information and evidence so that we can tailor a programme or set of interventions that best suits your organisations needs.

By using a comprehensive set of diagnostic tools, semi-structured interviews and 360° feedback processes we can identify your specific problems and needs, whether this is about the organisation, team or individual.

We then work with you to share our findings and then co-design a tailored solution or programme that will help to achieve sustainable change and immediate and positive impact on behaviours, culture and results.

Healthskills works at every level in organisations.  From Boards and Executive teams, Senior Leaders to first line supervisors, front-line workers and staff to deliver outstanding development programmes.

Our focus is in creating bespoke programmes to address the following development needs: