Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS FT

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS FT

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS FT:  Shifting cultures, developing people, more than a process!

A multi-professional PDR development programme for over 500 managers at a large London NHS Foundation Trust

What was the issue?

Chelsea and Westminster NHS Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are implementing a new Performance and Development (PDR) process. The Trust has developed a clear policy and Healthskills were invited to shape a development workshop to focus on the new approach and to enable managers to ‘re-energise’ their engagement with staff. Aligning and motivating the workforce to deliver business objectives within the challenging context of the NHS is important work. Valuing the workforce in the fast pace targeted acute environment can be forgotten unless we pay attention to ‘ourselves and relationships’.

What did Healthskills do?

Healthskills worked in collaboration with the senior OD staff at the Trust to provide an engaging day to develop the confidence and capabilities of more than 500 managers to undertake the PDR.  We aimed to support managers to understand the process but more importantly focus their energies on the individual staff member and their work within teams and the organisation.  Clarity of performance expectations and delivery but also to creatively consider how development opportunities could be explored and targeted.

Based on Ryan & Deci, 2000 Thomas, 2009

Our day explored how managers could refresh and develop their skills; communicating well, giving and receiving feedback, and in summary exploring how good coaching skills can help shift cultures. We created a safe and fun learning environment with a range of approaches supported by clear theoretical models.

What were the outcomes?

The initial outcomes of our work are positive. We hope we have left managers with ‘growth’ mindsets to begin to shift how they work as individuals and in teams at the Trust. The Trust have begun a positive journey as a result of the passion and commitment of senior OD staff at the Trust, the collaborative approach with Healthskills and the commitment from managers to change. The work in the Trust is ongoing.

What our client said

Excellent standard of teaching; pitched at correct level and information well delivered

Session was well run, and both were engaging and interacted well with the group

Training on understanding my role really helps to enable me to work efficiently

Made me think about departmental and team goals and how this may impact on employees PDRs

Workshop Participants