Otis Elevator Company UK

Otis Elevator Company UK

Facilitation of a series of diagnostic interventions focus groups leading to the design and delivery of a four-day development programme for Executive and senior leaders

What was the issue?

Otis in the UK had been experiencing significant churn in their senior leadership in recent years, and with several Managing Directors having been in post for short periods, there was concern that the leadership, strategic direction and priority focus was inconsistent and disparate.

A new MD was recently appointed to lead the UK organisation and the senior leadership team were also new and didn’t know each other particularly well.  Otis in Japan had already developed their vision, mission and strategy and the intention was to do the same in the UK with an event to create high level company goals, develop underpinning strategic priorities and facilitate team cohesion to deliver.

Since employee engagement from UK surveys was not particularly high in Otis, Healthskills was asked for ideas and support to deliver a four-day developmental timeout programme, involving the senior leadership for the first two days, with a larger group invited for days 3 and 4 to develop specific projects to deliver on strategic priorities.

What did Healthskills do?

In collaboration with core members of the senior leadership team (SLT), Healthskills conducted a diagnostic phase before development of the programme, consisting of:

  • A series of semi-structured telephone interviews with the SLT aimed at building relationships with individuals; to ascertain their views on successful outcomes for the programme; to identify their views on what was working, what wasn’t and what needed to change across the organisation and how. 15 members of the SLT and a cross-section of 20 members of staff from Otis were interviewed;
  • An online organisational culture questionnaire was completed by 230 individuals from across the organisation to provide a robust survey of ‘the way we do things round here’;
  • A team functionality and cohesion questionnaire was conducted with the SLT.
  • Comprehensive feedback was provided to the Managing Director and relevant senior leaders from OD and HR and used as a platform for scoping discussions to design the programme.
  • The four-day event was then designed, consisting of:
    • Days 1 & 2: With the SLT, a focus on high-performing teams, feedback from interviews and cultural survey, refinement of vision and values, and development of high-level strategic initiatives;
    • Day 3 & 4: A team building event, followed by group project development and operational plans to deliver the strategic priorities with the SLT and 50 next level leaders;
  • An evaluation meeting to review outcomes, successes and challenges and provide recommendations for ongoing development

What were the outcomes?

  • The SLT embraced new ways of thinking and especially the need for change, and highlighted the need to develop trust and the ability to challenge each other more consistently;
  • The wider next-level leader team invited to join SLT were a positive and engaged group and they lent a richness to the contributions from the senior team about culture change;
  • Development of a ‘Wave 2 Change Champions’ group to lead groups to take strategic priority projects forward;
  • A behavioural framework was developed that provided insight into how to live the agreed values and understand how to hold to account;
  • Recommendations made for an ongoing SLT development programme consisting of interventions focusing on: 1. Exploring team foundations, developing trust and mastering conflict; 2. Discovering team behaviours that achieve consistent commitment; 3. Building team depth, sessions to enable the SLT to deal with ‘sticky’ issues and behaviours while understanding how to embrace accountability and focus on collective results; 4. Sustaining team cohesion, incorporating team coaching.

What our client said

I thoroughly enjoyed the days there Mark it was really well put together and you have a great team. I hope we get to work together again soon

Your event is still shaping the business, there have been some challenges but that’s why we get paid 😀 personally things may be changing for me at OTIS and I may have a promotion depending on a job win which we may hear about next week