Lewisham CCG

Lewisham CCG

The design and development of a multidisciplinary leadership development programme for Lewisham CCG, aimed to develop the capability of local leadership to improve patient care. 

What was the issue?

Lewisham CCG wanted to develop local leadership capability to drive change within Lewisham working at both practice level and with local system partners.    The CCG recognised this required an investment to support the development in a leadership and capability development programme for both individuals working in current leadership roles and those aspiring to move into leadership positions.

The aims of the project were to:

  1. Build the leadership capability of individuals to support succession planning for existing clinical leadership roles (eg: clinical CCG lead roles or Board positions);
  2. Increase participants’ awareness of their own leadership styles and how this impacts others around them and the performance of organisations;
  3. Develop further political astuteness by supporting individuals to build relationships, influence and negotiate within the organisation and across the system;
  4. Enable clinical leaders to manage change and resistance.

What did Healthskills do?

The core elements of the programme have involved working in partnership with the CCG Board to identify their key outcomes and requirements for the leadership development programme.  We then designed a programme that combined a blended approach based on a 360-leadership feedback process that focused on personal learning goals, behaviour change and practical outcomes.

Workshops: Four workshops were delivered in half-day blocks over a five-month period.  Topics including: “Managing Self”, “Leading Change” “Leading Others” and “Managing Conflict” provided areas for discussion, insight and challenge.

Action Learning: Participants attended three action-learning sets where they brought real life challenges to explore and find solutions to take back and apply at work.  These sessions allowed them to consider how they apply their leadership, listen, ask questions and utilise great coaching skills.

Individual coaching and feedback session: provided an opportunity to consider the 360-feedback and understand how the individual operates as a leader at work, the impact they have currently, and what areas they could enhance in the future.  This one to one session provided a rare opportunity to consider next steps and focus on developing goals to enable them to realise their aspirations.

What is different as a result?

The programme has provided an outstanding improvement in leadership capability in Lewisham.   Since the programme, GPs have taken roles on the CCG board, accepted clinical lead roles within the CCG and driven pathway redesign.  Other clinicians have adopted clinical leadership roles within the CEPN or provider functions such as the Federations. Practice nurses have taken on Nurse lead roles within the CCG and are supporting changes and engagement with nurse revalidation.

Participants report that they felt more equipped and confident in their skills around leadership and management, a skill that is not taught at medical school or at VTS level and yet there is a great expectation of doctors to be able to take on existing challenges in the “new world”.  They also stated that the programme delivered on building understanding of organisations, teams and the role of leadership and how to drive change in complex environments.

What our client said

On a personal level, I have been working with Healthskills for 5 years since they helped me as a fledgling clinical director trying to understand what on earth was going on in CCGs and to start to have a positive influence and drive change within them.  It was very helpful, so much so that it enabled me to feel confident enough to take over as chair after a year, when our first chair stepped down.  Since then, Healthskills have provided excellent coaching as well as organisational development and other leadership interventions.

As a CCG we have used them to run our Leadership Programme and many of the cohorts – three courses so far – that have passed through this have taken up posts as clinical leads in our CCG in nursing and Doctor roles. They are also in lead and other roles in most of our GP federations. We notice, and they say, that the course has given them greater confidence and enabled them to sidestep some of the steep learning curve many of us feel as we start to take on leadership roles.   We are determined to invest in our wider workforce and to develop future and current leaders to drive change across Lewisham and Healthskills have supported us to achieve this.

Dr Marc Rowland, Chair, Lewisham CCG

Thank you for being such a great facilitator.  It has been such an eye opening experience.  I have learnt so much about myself but also now I’d like to be in the future.  I have so much to focus on over the next few months.  Your guidance has been invaluable. I’m really excited about the future now.       

Nasreen Ahmed, Bellingham Green Practice, Lewisham