UK Pharmacy Leadership and OD

UK Pharmacy Leadership and OD

An ongoing Leadership, Organisational Development and Strategic Change programme in support of significant change within and external to the profession and practice of Pharmacy in the UK

What was the issue?

The profession and practice of Pharmacy has been a mainstay and core delivery of health and wellbeing in the UK for 175 years; and of course more latterly embedded in the NHS since its inception in the late 1940s. The supply and sale of safe and effective use of medicines for the prevention and treatment of illness is delivered by Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in a wide variety of settings from front-line Community Pharmacy and Primary Care, through Secondary care to R&D, Manufacturing and Professional Support. Like all sectors in modern healthcare there is increasing pressure to deliver better quality, safety, efficiency, plus save money and reduce costs, whilst maintaining the highest of professional standards. The first intervention came from a joint initiative between Healthskills and The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in the shape of a Leadership and Change programme called ‘Pharmacy Revolution’, supported and sponsored by MSD.

What did Healthskills do?

Initial consultation and co-design of a series of workshops focusing on Leadership, the leadership of Change and developing skills and competencies in line with the Pharmaceutical Society’s Professional Standards.

The workshops focused on:

  • Developing a Vision
  • Strategy and leading Change
  • Supportive management skills

to equip and enable Pharmacy leaders in the present and for the future. This programme has been delivered as a series of one-day workshops in various locations across the UK and uniquely was made available to multi-sector and non-pharmacist key stakeholders in local provision of integrated care.

What are the outcomes?

The programme has had a considerable impact in support of the change agenda in Pharmacy and has additionally evolved because further needs were identified in the early workshops … the outcomes are still having impact and there is an ongoing demand for this valuable work.

Key outcomes include the development of local visions, strategies and action plans to support the change agenda. Cross-sector working has greatly increased the collaboration, understanding and links between the various specialties and professional bodies within Pharmacy. Leadership skills have been enhanced and the increase in understanding of fundamental skills in communication, leadership of change and development of strategy have all been visible in the cohorts who have attended workshops.

What have the clients said?

As president of the RPS I intend to better integrate and support branches of pharmacy taking every opportunity to promote the whole profession, to health professionals and the public, helping us reach our goal in being a fully integrated part of the health and social care teams. I commit to championing the RPS and leading the transition of the society into a Royal College by committing to inclusivity and taking equal pride in the many varied roles of pharmacists working together across all sectors. I believe this program will aid leadership development as well as strengthening local pharmacy networks.

Ashok Soni, OBE, President, Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Thank you so much for organising today, I found the facilitation and input invaluable, I thought we achieved a lot particularly with the challenges around engagement, one learning for me is bigger isn’t always better and quality will always trump quantity, I see today as the first step in an area wide change program for pharmacy, thank you as always for your valued support.

Chair, Local Pharmacy Network