Accelerating Team Performance

Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology.  It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.

Patrick Lencioni

Accelerating Team Performance

Whatever stage your organisation is at from start up, merger or collaboration to restructure, Healthskills can support your teams. The challenge for leaders, managers and in fact any member of a team in organisations is to understand and implement effective team-based working with their colleagues and business partners.

Our approach is based on a considerable body of research which shows that when teams are performing optimally they will:

  • Have high levels of trust
  • Be capable of robust challenge
  • Have collective commitment to action plans
  • Hold each other to account
  • Focus on collective results

Often mistaken as five distinct issues, in reality they are all interrelated and highly effective teams consistently focus on all five levels to deliver on their aspirations and goals.  We work with senior leadership teams and Boards, front-line teams, cross-functional or matrix teams on bespoke programmes based on an initial discussion of objectives, co-design of the approach, dynamic interventions and evaluation of outcomes.

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