Organisational Health

The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organisational health. Yet it is ignored by most leaders even though it is simple, free and available to anyone who wants it.

Patrick Lencioni

Organisational Health

The Healthskills approach to Organisational Health ensures that our client organisations create positive working environments, encouraging and enabling the achievement of goals and objectives.

We support empowering, collaborative and compassionate Leadership to develop high-performing and cohesive Teams.  We enable our clients to apply a relentless focus on Organisational Development to improve performance and encourage a Coaching culture.

We know that the achievement of business goals is brought about by people. They are the critical success factor in any business and often the single most important focus for continuous quality improvement. But do all the pieces of the jigsaw slot together and are all of your people working together cohesively, with clarity on expectations of roles, responsibilities and results?

The interventions that we can use to help you develop your Organisational Health could include:

  • An initial review of your organisational challenges, typically lasting 2-4 days with an outline action plan and recommendations for improving your organisational health
  • Organisational development needs and planning
  • A high-impact team development programme
  • Bespoke leadership development programmes designed to meet individual and organisational development needs
  • Critical management skills workshops tailored for individuals working at all levels in organisations
  • Design and facilitation of events, timeouts and away-days

To discuss how a tailor-made programme can benefit your organisation please get in touch: